Breast Lipotransfer

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Fat Transfer

Dallas Shape Consultants offers fat transfer as a breast augmentation option to increase breast size by one half to one cup. Fat can be successfully used to improve breast size particularly in specific areas like the upper breast or the cleavage.

Breast Lipotransfer produces a completely natural breast augmentation because it is created with your own body fat.

Breast Lipotransfer is a great option for:

  • women who desire a moderate breast size increase, one half to one cup
  • increasing breast size without using breast implants
  • women who are overall happy with their breast shape but desire more fullness in certain areas

We are experienced in the successful transfer of fat for breast augmentation and our results have been reviewed internationally.

To know more about Breast Lipotransfer results, indications, and safety visit our Breast Lipotransfer FAQ.

With breast lipotransfer you can:

Increase your breast size by one half to one cup with each procedure The amount of tissue that can be moved to the breast depends by the starting out breast size, so in general about one cup size can be obtained with each procedure. The larger the starting breast size, the greater the increase that can be obtained with fat transfer.

  • An “A” cup breast can be increased by approximately 100cc (from A to B)
  • A “B” cup breast can be increased by approximately 180cc ( B to C+)
  • The lipotransfer procedure can be repeated to increase another cup size after 3 months

Correct breast size difference without breast implants A small difference in size between the two breasts can be very successfully corrected with lipotransfer by increasing the smaller breast. This size correction is permanent!
Increase your breast size without breast implants

Lipotransfer is very effective to increase breast size! This procedure is different from breast implants because:

  • There is no foreign material- it is your fat moved to a different part of your body
  • The effects on mammogram and breast cancer have been reviewed and its safety is confirmed
  • Breast size increase with lipotransfer is limited to approximately one cup for each procedure (with breast implants you can increase size by more than one cup)

Avoid the long term effects of breast implants and still increase your breast size naturally! Your breast will be made of your own tissues, no implants or other materials that may lead to long term complications.



The Breast Lipotransfer Procedure: how we do it!


Breast Lipotransfer infiltration phase at New Day procedure photosLocal anesthesia is applied to the breast tissue and the “donor site”. During this part of the procedure, the tissue of the breast and the donor areas are numbed with a solution containing Lidocaine (anesthetic medication). After a brief period, the tissues are comfortably numb and the procedure can be performed without discomfort.

Multiple areas can be used to obtain fat tissue, and those areas will also be smaller! An added benefit of lipotransfer!
Breast  Lipotransfer procedure obtaining fat tissue at New Day procedure photosThe fat tissue is obtained from the donor site(s). This phase is done with small hollow tubes that are placed with a small incision.

During this part, it is important to preserve the integrity of the fat cells. In some cases, a special gentle procedure is used with a water jet device that “washes” the fat into a special container
Breast  lipotransfer at New DayThe tissue is prepared by filtering the water and other fluids away from the fat cells using a special device.

After the tissue is ready, it is transferred in special syringes of various sizes. These syringes will be used to place the tissue precisely where we want it.

Some devices like the one shown here are also used to increase precision in the fat transfer.

Breast Lipotransfer fat transfer to the breast at New Day procedure photosThe fat is transferred to the breast with very small (1/8”) size tubes that are used to delicately place the fat tissue in specific areas of the breast for best results.

We place the fat tissue in multiple levels of the breast, sort of like in a grid pattern. The fat tissue is not simply injected, but gently placed in multiple layers to maximize the volume and “take” of the fat tissue.

Gentle technique is very important!


Breast Lipotransfer breast augmentation New DayOne cup size increase with each fat transfer procedure can be reliably obtained. The resulting breast shape is completely natural as there are no implants, just normal tissue increasing the breast volume.

There is no reason to repeat this procedure unless a larger size is desired!


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